Climate Change/Peak Oil Views

The Midwestern Ontario Regional Green Jobs Strategy partnered with the University of Guelph and local business to research the role of policy in the Green Economy and the implications for municipalities.  These reports represent the findings of this partnership.

  • A Survey of Community Understanding and Responsiveness to the Twin-Challenges of Climate Change and Rising Energy Prices (Peak Oil): Perspectives on Municipal Leaders in Midwestern Ontario
  • Implementing Bill 150 - Reflections from the field
  • Implementing Bill 150 - Key lessons for the municipalities
  • Mechanisms to build Resiliency and Mitigate Impacts to Climate Change and Peak Oil while Creating Jobs for Communities in Midwestern Ontario
    • Appendix A - Provincial Policy Statement
    • Appendix B - Idle Ag Land Reuse
    • Appendix C - Municipal Strategic Planning
    • Appendix D - Elgin C Energy
    • Appendix E - Bruce C Wind Farms
    • Appendix F - Munsee
    • Appendix G - Wellington Waste
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