The Engineering Green Sector Overview from Year 1 has been merged into the Green Infrastructure Overview.  Please see the Green Infrastructure Overview for up to date information.

There appears to be very little new in terms of engineering knowledge required for green projects. For example, the civil engineering knowledge required to design a foundation is the same regardless of the application, e.g. windmill or water tower.

Engineering firms provide a variety of services within rural Midwestern Ontario. Firms are sought out to provide services related to infrastructure projects – road and bridge design, structural assessments and construction of drainage projects, water and storm sewers, and wastewater treatment and management. Flood and erosion control projects, storm water management, environmental assessments are also services that engineering firms provide in this region. Work completed by engineering firms on renewable energy, energy conservation and climate adaptation would generally fall within the green jobs sector.

The Market

Engineering Firms provide a variety of services to municipalities, businesses and institutions across the region. In urban settings some of these engineering services would be provided by city staff, in rural settings these services are typically contracted to an engineering firm.

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