Green Resources

Many resources have been developed to assist businesses, community leaders, job seekers and teachers.

For Businesses

  • Green Business Development 
    Links to local business development resources and information on developing green business opportunities.
  • Greening Your Business 
    Information and resources to green your business, become more energy efficient and sustainable.
  • Green Funding Opportunities 
    An overview of the green funding opportunities available to businesses.
  • Green Training 
    A summary and links to training opportunities throughout Midwestern Ontario.

For Community Leaders

  • Green Funding Opportunities
    An overview of the green funding opportunities available to community leaders for green projects.
  • Green Policy
    Information on green policy and what it means to the community.
  • Green Projects
    A resource of project ideas throughout Midwestern Ontario and beyond.

For Job Seekers

For Teachers

  • Toolkit - Teachers Resources
  • The resources include Green Jobs Reports and Profiles, Labour Market Information, Training and Education, a teacher's guide and information on a green career search.
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